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Reprogramming Service

The Windsock program is installed into the non-volatile memory of a HP-48G+ computer at our factory.  Since the main batteries of the HP-48G+ keep this software viable, it is very important that unit's batteries never run down completely (the HP-48G+ will warn you when the batteries are getting low).  There is a small internal backup battery that keeps the memory powered for a minute or two while the main batteries are changed.  Also, as with any computer, the program on the HP 48G+ can be intentionally or accidentally deleted by the operator.

Since the unit's programming is done using specialized hardware and software, there are no software downloads or disks available.  If the Windsock program has been deleted from the computer for any reason, it will be necessary to return the HP-48G+ unit to the factory for reprogramming.  Please contact our Technical Support staff to get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to identify the unit prior to shipment.  The cost to reprogram the Windsock software is $39.95 U.S. (plus S & H).


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