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Windsock Infrared Printer Electronic Theodolite Carrying Case


Windsock is the heart of the pibal tracking system.  It consists of the hardware and software necessary to process the input data and to calculate and present the wind directions and headings at the different altitudes.  A theodolite or a compass and clinometer are necessary to collect the incremental pibal position data.

Infrared Printer
The optional Infrared Printer provides an easy way to get hard copies of your data in the field.  Handheld, battery powered and cable-free, it provides go-anywhere convenience.

Electronic Theodolite
The optional Electronic Theodolite is a sophisticated miniature electronic instrument used to accurately measure the horizontal and vertical angles necessary to track the pibal's position.  The sampled data is automatically sent to the Windsock computer via the included cable link.  An optional Sighting Mount provides a stable aiming platform and the optional Sighting Scope provides an optical aid for accurate tracking into the higher altitudes.

Carrying Case
The optional Carrying Case protects your equipment from damage by providing a virtually indestructible enclosure that is airtight, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and watertight.  A custom padded storage area protects each piece of equipment from the effects of impact, vibration and shock.


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